By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Raccoon Is Probably Better At Cleaning Than You Are... And Maybe A Better Gambler.

Did you ever hear the joke about the raccoon that rode a bicycle? Probably not, given there really is a raccoon who can. In what would appear to be something out of a TV show or the product of CGI animation, one little critter is intelligent enough to do so as well as ride a scooter and a skateboard. It looks like there really isn't anything Melanie cannot do.

It is clear this raccoon is proving to be a very smart and capable house pet that will give traditional pets a run for their money. Check out what else this bright little bandit-looking animal can do.

The multi-talented raccoon can do many things including riding a bicycle.

You can see Melanie operating the pedals with mastery.

Seen from a different angle, Melanie is proficient in getting around on wheels.

Here is Melanie going for a ride on a scooter...

And a skateboard.

Melanie enjoys playing the slots and has probably won a couple jackpots.

If you feel a sneeze coming on, she'll pass the tissue.

The racoon also pulls her on weight around the house. Here she is seen pushing a broom.

If necessary, she will even go grocery shopping.

Melanie knows the importance of washing her hands and keeping them clean.

It looks like she is also potty-trained.

After doing her business, like a lady she washes her hands.

It is not hard to tell, this is a very smart and equally adorable animal.

This boozy raccoon broke into a beer warehouse while this one taught her baby to climb a tree.

Source: Melanie Raccoon