By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Puts Plastic Bottles In An Oven For A Reason That BLEW Me Away.

Nowadays, most people recycle their plastic -- after all, typically plastic doesn't degrade for a very, very long time in a landfill, and it can be reused for a variety of things, quite easily.

And not all plastics are created equal, either. HDPE is one of the most indestructible types out there, and it also happens to be quite common. When it's not recycled, it could theoretically last forever. One creative person decided to put all of that HDPE to good use and transform it into something usable. See the project from start to finish below.

Not sure what HDPE is? Well, consider the shown Breaking Bad. In it, Jesse Pinkman tells Walter White to dissolve a body with hydroflouric acid, inside of an HDPE barrel. Why? Because the plastic won't break down, despite the acid's presence.

Over the course of a few months, this clever DIY'er saved any HDPE marked bottles, as well as plenty of container caps.

He organized everything by color before cutting them down into smaller pieces.

Cutting the plastic into even squares was time consuming, but would ideally allow him to control the color pattern later on.

After cutting the plastic, it was time to melt it and fill a mold.

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