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By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Funny Memes That Will Make You LOL If You Grew Up In The 90’s.

The 90s are long gone, but not forgotten... and they never will be if you were born in that era. You remember what it was like back then, don't you? You didn't need phones to text your friends in class. You passed notes to one another behind the teacher's back. You loved hanging out with your friends outside and actually talking to people face to face. Britney Spears reigned queen supreme, and everyone loved to hate on The Backstreet Boys.

Today, most kids spend their time online and would never understand why the 90s were so much cooler. Your childhood was amazing, but it's over now. However, you can relive those memories with this list of witty memes that you can totally relate to.

#1. Life before Smartphones might not have been easy, but they sure were a lot simpler than today.

You used to grab a bottle of shampoo and read off all the benefits while you were taking a poo. You never knew how many ingredients were in that bottle of Pantene or all the awesome benefits they provided for your hair until you took the time to read the label.

#2. You loved playing in the mud, by the lake, or by the creek when you were growing up.

Things were different back then. But things have changed, and we all know this. Kids use their phones, even when they're hanging out with their friends all the time. Most kids won't get dirty because that would mean their phones might get damaged. I know. The horror!

#3. Remember the cassette inserts that came inside your cassette case and how you loved reading every word?

How could you not? Most of them came with the lyrics of the songs so you could sing along to your favorite music. Today, kids just Google the lyrics, and you probably do too, but it's nice to reminisce once in a while.

Remember the cassette inserts that came inside your cassette case and how you loved reading every word?

#4. You couldn't take a hundred different selfies every time you went out to the mall or on a trip.

You relied on disposable cameras that only had 12 to 24 photos, so you spent like forever trying to make sure that everyone was in the shot before you snapped the photo. You also had to wait a week for the film to get developed and Photoshop couldn't save you from a bad picture

#5. Ah! Remember when online games like League of Legends were considered sci-fi fantasy?

You relied on the simple games that Microsoft Windows had to offer. On occasion, you could buy separate games Like "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego." But for the most part, you just played cards or doodled with paint.

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