By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

40 Memorable Selfies. I Feel Sorry For The Poor Guy In #3.

November 19 will mark the anniversary the word ‘selfie’ was introduced as the Word of the Year by the Oxford Dictionary. That same year, Oxford inducted the word to their online dictionary. Who knew that taking a self-portrait with a smart phone to be shared on social media would become a phenomenon? This cultural sensation is across all demographics from celebrities to students to presidents. Take a look at some of this less than ordinary selfies.

#1. Two friendly late night competitors, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

#2. Lance Coury 2013 X Games Gold Medalist Speed and Style. Selfie while riding his motorcycle. 

#3. This guy took a selfie with a squirrel and then he went for a rabies shot.

#4. Robert Cornelius wrote on the back of this photo “The first light picture ever taken,” and the first selfie ever taken in 1839.

#5. The woman who just had to have a selfie during a baseball game. It cost her $1,500 in fines

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