By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Analog Memory Desk Has 3,300 Ft Of Paper To Jot Down ALL Your Ideas.

A busy day at work can leave your brain reeling. It's hard to keep track of the big things on your agenda, let alone the everyday tasks that are small but equally as important. But what if you had a desk like this?

The Analog Memory Desk, designed by a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, is intended to be a place where you can jot anything down, especially the small stuff. Here's the designer, Kirsten Camara, explaining her motives behind creating this beautiful piece of furniture:

There are a hundreds of little things that we don't try to remember every year or even every week. Does the sum of all these tiny parts produce a new narrative on our lives? 1,100 yards of paper will record the lists, the phones numbers you call once, the pixel size of that box on that website, the street name of that business, and the long division you try to remember.

Take a look at the gorgeous maple desk below. Could you use one of these at your office?

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Source: ThisisColossal