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These Reasons Why Men Cheat Will Surprise You

If you’ve ever been a relationship with someone who has cheated, you probably would have done anything to have known that it was coming. There are a few signs that can tell you your man is cheating. You will read some of these and think to yourself, “If I only knew then...”

‘Sex Makes You Happy’

It is a complete myth that men need sex to be happy. They also need mental stimulation. According to WebMD, 48 percent of men said that emotional dissatisfaction was the reason they cheated on their partners.


There are a few men out there that cheat simply to avoid intimacy within the relationship. The intimacy is scary to them, so they distance themselves from the woman by getting another woman involved.


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An Out

He may simply want “an out” from the relationship. If he’s wanting to leave you, he may cheat on you to really prove it to himself that he wants to go.

An Out

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