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There Are TWO Types Of Men… Which One Do You Have?

When women say they have a type of men they are attracted to, they usually refer to the physical aspect. Be it a blonde or brunette, tall or short, muscular or slim, it tends to rely on looks rather than personality.

As we have been told before, looks are fleeting. It’s better to focus on the quirks and personal traits that last a lifetime. Take a look at the type of men out there. It’s actually not as bad as you thought. #9 is definitely a keeper.

#1. Does he know what manners are?

Is your guy über polite and appropriate or does he not care where you guys are? This guy may touch and grab even if he's in the same room as the Royal family.

Does he know what manners are?

Alison Jackson

#2. Muscles or Intellect.

These guys are very similar, one can take apart a car to fix and put it back together. The other knows the ins and outs of a computer.

Muscles or Intellect.

#3. Social knowledge.

This man is either a social media guru or has no idea what an emoji even is.

Social knowledge.

#4. Metro or lumberjack.

Some may argue that the metrosexual man is the only one focused on maintaining his looks. There is no limit to the amount of facial and hair products he spends on for his good looks. Nonetheless, the scruffy and laid back style also takes time and effort.

Metro or lumberjack.

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