By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

‘100 Years Of Men’s Fashion’ Proves Men Today Are Making Less Effort Than Their Granddads.

It's really easy to be dismissive of men's fashion, because compared to women's fashion, it all seems relatively uninspiring. After all, they just wear some version of the same thing, right?

As it turns out, men's fashion isn't quite as boring as we thought.

This video highlights the leading men's looks over the last century, and it's kind of amazing how different the styles are throughout the decades. The video was created by Mode Studios, and the menswear retrospective showcases some of the hottest (check out the 50's) and not-so-hot-at-all (like the cringeworthy 90's) looks of the last 100 years. Which decades do you like the most?

See how much women’s fashion has changed in 100 years.

Source: Glam