By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

She Taught Her Dog To Meow… Now The Cat Is Looking For Another Job.

Maybe the solution for cats and dogs to get along is for the two species to speak the same language. After all, pups bark and felines meow. No wonder these two have been fighting literally like cats and dogs for hundreds of years.

One woman may just be working towards a resolution for peace by teaching her dog to meow. Using the clicker training method; the clicker is a device which clicks when the animal is doing something right, followed by a treat. The pup instinctively wants to use its full vocal cords to bark but seems to be slowly open to the concept of speaking another animal language.

We are not sure how felines will feel hearing their nemesis meowing to them. Will they accept this as a peace offering or feel threaten by the invasion of their personal space?

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Source: DEFCONx19