By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

30 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Mom, You KNOW She Deserves #12.

I love my mother so much it hurts, and I rack my brain every year trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas. She tells me not to spend any money but I am more stubborn than I am obedient, and will continue to rebel.

So, I got to thinking. My mother recently cleared the house because it was beginning to look like a hoarder's zone, so this year I want to present her with something that won't clutter easily. Something genuinely useful. But what?

I asked real mothers to share what they're hoping to get this Christmas - beyond those handmade gifts, as lovely as they are - and was delighted with how honest and specific they were. Their answers helped me with my shopping, and I hope they help you with yours as well.

These Christmas gift ideas will also work for aunts, grandmothers, and any other woman who has helped - or saved - you in some way. In my own household, I had five aunts who helped raise me and my brothers, and consider them second mothers, so I'm looking forward to treating them, too.

#2. A professional dog walker.

#3. Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

#4. Breville Barista Express Espresso Maker

#5. Comfy Pumps

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