By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s 2015’s Most Unique Christmas Gift… And I’m Buying One For Myself.

If you're looking for a Christmas present for someone in your life who loves micro-farming and minimalism, look no further: The Grasslamp is here.

The Grasslamp is a modern desktop garden that provides fresh microgreens and tranquil LED lighting in one beautifully designed, egg-shaped device. It was created to be an entirely self-sustaining ecosystem, with a foundation for the seedlings, light to make them grow, and a shape that creates a greenhouse environment for the new plants. See the awesome desktop garden below.

Here's what The Grasslamp looks like in full effect.

It requires no soil or fertilizer, but instead directs growers to soak their seeds in water, put them inside, and spray them once or twice a day.

The seeds take just under a week to start growing in The Grasslamp.

And it can grow up to 40 different types of micro greens, including grass, micro-salads, edible flowers, and herbs.

If you've got just the perfect person to appreciate an awesome, eco-friendly gift like this, check out The Grasslamp Kickstarter.

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