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Married Couple Lost 400 Pounds Together In 2 Years.

Losing weight can be a huge challenge. Just ask Lexi and Danny Reed of Terre Haute, Indiana. The couple struggled with their weight for most of their lives, but all that was about to change. The two decided that they needed to shed some pounds for their own health. But the journey to losing a massive number of pounds can be disheartening sometimes. This is why the lovely couple decided to do this together, and what came next was one of the most inspiring couple weight loss stories that you've ever heard of. So, check out their story. It's oh-so motivating!

The Terre Haute, Indiana couple knew they were meant to be from the moment they met.

They wanted to ensure that they would lead a long, happy life, but in order to do that, they had to make a change with regards to their overall health. Of course, no one said dieting was easy, but they were willing to give it a shot.

Lexy and Danny were already close, but this journey to lose weight brought them even closer.

They were over the way that they were used to living and wanted to change things up. It was in their best interest, and they were hoping to document the whole weight loss experience to show others that it was possible.

Lexy and Danny were already close, but this journey to lose weight brought them even closer.


The couple knew that it was going to take a lot of hard work to get rid of their excess weight.

With perseverance and love, Lexi proved that anything is possible. She even held up her old bra to prove just how much she had accomplished. She physically went from a size 28 dress to a size 10. How cool is that?

All Lexi wanted to do was to get healthy with her loving husband, Danny, and nothing more.

Ironically, neither of them had any idea that what they were about to do was would have a major impact on people's lives, or that they'd end up talking about their story on "Good Morning America," and bringing hope to millions of those who struggle with their weight.

Lexi and Danny had a choice to make, and it was a good thing they decided to get up and exercise.

27-year-old Lexi told ABC News, “doing this as a couple has helped us in so many ways. On days when we were unmotivated, we pushed each other to go to the gym." Clearly, doing this without each other's support would have been so much tougher.

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