By Travis

LifeBuzz Staff

These 2 Guys Have Taken My Love Of These Songs To The Next Level… I’m In Heaven.

If you’re a fan of the classics, you’re going to love these videos. And the story behind them just makes it even better…

Mike Massé and Jeff Hall met a long time ago in 1993, where they played together in a cover band and became great friends. At about the same time, Mike started performing gigs at a joint in Utah called Pie Pizzeria. To this very day, Mike and Jeff perform at the same pizza place as they did all those 20 years ago.

And that’s not all: these two friends have a funny thing in common. Both Mike and Jeff are now practicing attorneys, except Jeff is a prosecutor, and Mike is a public defender. While they’ve never faced each other directly in court, they enjoy swapping war stories from their day jobs when they meet up for gigs.

Make sure you turn your sound on, and enjoy! They gave me chills!

Next time I'm in Utah, I'll absolutely be stopping by to hear these guys. I also makes me smile to think they are 'enemies' in court, but friends when they play together.

Source: Mike Massé