By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Just Saved Breakfast For Lovers Of Playmobil Everywhere.

There's nothing quite like a hot stack of fluffy buttermilk pancakes, outfitted with pads of butter and a generous drizzle of maple syrup. After watching this video, your stomach will definitely be growling for these amazing looking pancakes - although, it might not be enough to fill you up.

Based out of Japan (where miniature food replicas and tiny edibles are extremely popular), Miniature Space is a YouTuber who makes awesome videos, cooking teeny-tiny dishes with a Sterno candle and some absolutely minuscule cookware.

There's basically no information on the person who is behind these twee little comestibles, but Miniature Space's YouTube channel has Japanese and Western meals for every occasion; including sushi, fried chicken, soup, and yakitori. It's all so delightfully small and cute, you won't be able to keep from smiling and reaching for your microscopic utensils.

Want to see more of Miniature Space's peewee kitchen? Check out the Youtube channel here.

Source: Miniature Space