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Kids Dressed Up As Princess Leia To Pay Tribute To Carrie Fisher.

Star Wars fans worldwide were disheartened earlier this week when news broke out that actress Carrie Fisher had passed away. In honor of the cherished actress, several people have been sharing photos of her on social media wishing her peace. A new trend that arose also in honor of the actress' death was sharing photos of kids dressed up as Princess Leia.

Photos of the kids dressed up as Fisher's beloved character would typically be posted with inspirational and/or heartwarming captions. Although it may take awhile for this depression to go away, take a look at these mini Princess Leias for momentary joy.

If you don't have the hair for it, just twist dark cable knit stocking onto the head around the ears!

You can call it a DIY wig that was practically free to make.

A mini Princess Leia and Rey have suddenly appeared!

Don't think these two individuals are supposed to be that similar in age but we'll let it slide.

Looks like we've got a doctor Princess Leia over here.

Didn't you know that she was a certified healer on her free time?

Meet Maddi and Lamby, don't they make the perfect Star Wars duo?

And look at that badass lightsaber she's holding, I wouldn't want to mess with her.

Even little newborn babies can be a part of the dress up fun.

Use a custom knitted beanie for the "Leia buns" and wrap the baby up in white!

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