By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These 25 Dogs And Their Mini-Me Counterparts Will Melt Your Heart Of Stone.

There's nothing quite as cute as a baby or toddler who looks uncannily similar to their parent - and this applies to dog as well. Often, dogs and their puppies not only look strikingly similar, but also have adorably similar mannerisms and habits.

Below are 25 dogs and their mini-mes, posted up together for a photo as if they were always meant to be together. Their similar faces and markings are pretty remarkable, but it's their overall attitudes that clearly indicate they're parent-and-pup. The pair in #5 are totally twinning.

#1. How is she going to put all of them through college?

#2. The cutest little team.

#3. So regal and so proud.

#4. Even the bone is miniature.

#5. Both of these guys love to be in front of the lens.

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