By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

I Didn’t Realize How Amazing Her Art Was Until I Noticed What Was Next To It.

Lorraine Loots has a big project of small dimensions planned for this year. The Cape Town, South Africa artist creates Paintings for Ants, a series of miniature, detailed paintings that literally seem to be painted for the eyes of the small insects.

Using watercolor paints, pencils and the naked eye, Loot has an aptitude for the delicate. She began producing Paintings for Ants in 2013 and Postcards for Ants in 2014, producing a pint-sized painting every day for 365 days. In 2015, Loots decided to do it again. Her theme is anything and everything related to Cape Town, in celebration of the city being designated the World Design Capital in 2014.

Loot shares her final product on her Facebook page with the date it was completed. She also creates a contrast by placing objects such as a leaf or a coin beside her artwork to reflect the small dimensions of her craft.

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