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By Camila Villafañe

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Now You Can Do Pilates With Miniature Piglets!

Doing Pilates can be appealing to a lot of people because you can strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and help your belly look flatter. This form of exercise doesn’t require a lot of effort. You don’t need even need an annual gym membership to do Pilates, and you could even do it at home. But if you’re ever in the area of Buckfastleigh, England, you should seriously consider trying Piggy Pilates classes. Instructor Harry Parkes teaches the classes, which offer a wide range of Pilates movements that will work wonders for your flexibility, core strength and so much more.

There are all types of Pilates available for people to try, but these have a special twist.

There are a variety of yoga exercises that involve the use of animals like lemurs, llamas, goats, kittens, and even horse yoga. But in case you haven’t heard, Pilates has really hit its peak with the debut of the latest trend—Piggy Pilates.

Pilates has been around for nearly a century now, but things are about to get interesting.

In May 2019, Pennywell Farm near Buckfastleigh, England, will debut a Piggy Pilates class and for $45, you can get a spot in the 50-minute class, too. Instructor Harry Parkes will show students how to perform a variety of full range Pilates movements that anyone can do.

Pilates has provided a ton of benefits to people over the last couple of decades.

Pilates can improve mobility, flexibility, posture, core strength and even mental cognition. But the biggest perk that sets this class apart from the rest is some of the most adorable motivators ever — piglets.

All participants who attend the 50-minute session will get a special treat after class.

You’ll definitely have to endure a teaser or two, the 100s, and a series of planks before the 50-minute session is done, but you’ll find that it’s worth it for the chance to cuddle with one of these adorable miniature pigs.

Once the Pilates class is over, you’ll get complimentary coffee, breakfast, and cuteness overload.

The cost of admission to this class offers more than Pilates and hanging out with adorable pigs. Participants will also be able to linger on the farm as long as they want and interact with other gorgeous animals.

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