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25 Tattoos So Tiny Your Mom Won’t Even Notice Them.

When it comes to tattoos, everyone has a different taste. Some people may love big masterpieces that are filled with intricate details while others may prefer much more simple and minimalistic work.

If you're looking into getting a small and simple tattoo, you have come to the right place for inspiration.

Playground Tattoo is a talented tattoo artist based in Korea who specializes in minimal tattoos. His work is so delicate, it might even motivate you to book a flight to Korea for a tattoo appointment.

He describes his tattoo work in four words: "thin line, small, simple." And these words are exactly just what his tattoos are. Nothing more.

As you can see, he mostly uses black ink to keep to his minimalistic theme. However, it seems on certain occasions, he also uses color.

Placement of his tattoos can be very versatile. Since they're so small, they literally can fit on any body part a customer may desire.

The most common tattoo locations are on the wrist and ankle. But if you want to be creative, try to think of body parts that would only fit a small tattoo like the ear or on a finger.

Don't rule Playground Tattoo out just yet for artistry. Creating something small and simple may sound easy but it can actually be pretty difficult to create a minimalistic design that works. Less is more.

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