By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Twins Are Totally Normal, And That's Why The Doctors Were Stunned.

Like any mother, Kate was thrilled to learn that she would be having twins. Her feeling of joy quickly disappeared, though, when the doctor gave her some unfortunate news. What happened next could have ended in tragedy - but instead, this family received a miracle even greater than the gift of life.

The doctor told Kate that her babies were monoamniotic, which means that the twins had no dividing membrane. In other words, their umbilical cords tend to wrap around each other as the fetuses grow, making it unlikely for either baby to survive.

Kate never gave up hope: She posted on a website bout how excited she was to meet her babies, and how monoamniotic twins (if they survive) are known to be incredibly close. It was all this terrified mother could hope for.

Kate and her husband spent five long weeks in the hospital, and then they finally met their little girls. Both were breathing and healthy enough to survive, much to the surprise of the doctors.

In fact, the girls' survival was more shocking than the doctors had originally thought, due to the severity of their umbilical cord entwinement. What you see in the next photo will definitely shock you.

The umbilical cords had actually braided themselves and tied off in a knot at the top. That considered, the fact that these two children survived is amazing.

Now, twins Harper and Cleo are best friends - and they're both happy and healthy. Kate hopes their story serves as inspiration for other moms.

Source: Miracle Babies