By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Disabled Kitty Uses His Wheelchair For The First Time, It’s Achingly Cute.

This tiny kitten's life started in the most stressful way possible: He lost both of his back legs shortly after birth, then was forced to survive for nine weeks in the ild. When he was found, doctors and volunteers couldn't believe that he was still alive, though just barely. They worked tirelessly to save him from starvation and infection, and luckily, he fought hard enough to conquer his afflictions.

But then came time for the biggest challenge of all: Learning to walk again, without the use of his rear legs. The good people at Handicapped Pets Canada made him the custom, tiny wheelchair he required, and now, this little guy is on the move. See the adorable and heartwarming video below.

A wheelchair was used to help this adorable bunny.

Source: Tiny Kittens