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Mirror-House Perfectly Reflects Its Surroundings, And It Looks Almost Invisible.

Doug Aitken had an idea. That’s really nothing new as he is an artist and artists always have ideas. Some of them are really cool and some of them not so much. This one turned out to be pretty amazing though.

Aitken took the very popular California Ranch style designed home and built one and then covered it with mirrors. It’s located where the San Jacinto Mountains meet the Coachella Valley, in California.

It’s part of the Desert X outdoor exhibition that has lots of interesting pieces that have been done by a total of fifteen different artists. The main exhibit only goes through April 30th but the mirror house will stay open for much longer. Everyone wants to come by and see the amazing views that it has to offer so it will stay open through October 31st.

If you want to go out and see the breathtaking views that the house has to offer be sure to check the hours of operation first. It isn’t open for regular business hours so it’s a good idea to check first. You wouldn’t want to miss the full experience. Even if the inside isn’t open, you could still see the awesome views on the outside.

You have never seen anything like this before.

This is a regular suburban house that has had mirrors placed all over it. They reflect the surrounding areas of the California desert.

It's a ranch style home like no other.

It's located right where the San Jacinto Mountains come together with the Coachella valley. Artist Doug Aitken put up the house and covered it with mirrors.

He calls it "Mirage" and it's a fitting name. It reflects everything in front of it, in back of it, to the side and above it.

Desert X is an outdoor art exhibition that consists of art made by 15 different artists.

Most of them are only open until the end of April though.

It's only open for a limited time.

Mirage will stay open longer than that so people can have a chance to see it in person. It won't close until the end of October.

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