Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Ballet Cat Was Caught On Camera Pulling STUNNING Moves.

Cats are special creatures. They're agile and flexible. We already know they're part ninja but did you know that they also make great dancers? Why not -- they can jump as high as they desire and stretch into any position they want.

Take Mirko the cat for example. Mirko is a highly skilled ballet dancer who seems to be home taught. No professional lessons were given here, just pure natural talent -- the type of talent you can only be born with.

Not only an Mirko give us beautiful lines in their air, she's got sass in every step. You can tell this cat's got rhythm and we got pictures to prove it.

Oh yeah, stretch it out.

Relevé and sauté.


Put sass into that toe.

We've got an audience over here.

Work it.

Do you feel the music?

Jump into the light!

Gotta add the special accessories.

Feel the X, be the X.

360 turn in the air!

Grand finale.

Did you know cats are master thieves?