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20 Things We’ll Miss Most About Brangelina.

By now everyone knows that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially finished. It really shouldn't come as much of a surprise though. Celebrity marriages rarely last forever. The media attention that they receive make things very hard for a couple. And that doesn't even take into consideration all of the media outlets that are always looking for garbage to print and the made up rumors to sell magazines.

To their credit, they did last much longer than a lot of people said they would, and together they actually did a lot of good things in the world. But with the couple going their separate ways now there will be lots of things that people will miss. Most of all they will miss the weekly gossip articles about a break up happening. Now, that it's finally here it's no longer something that people are anticipating.

People who are obsessed with the pair shouldn't worry though. As each one of them starts their new life apart from each other, there will be plenty of paparazzi around to fill us in with all of the details. But for now here are a few things that we will miss about the couple that we love to call "Brangelina."

#1. The romantic photos.

Everywhere Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie go there is someone with a camera nearby. Fans of the couple will miss the endless supply of romantic pictures that are taken of them.

The romantic photos.


#2. Anticipating what is coming next for them.

People love to talk about what is coming up next for the pair. Another kid? Another vacation? Where might it be? Who will be the first to cheat on the other? How long will it last? Well, the anticipation is now gone. They're done.

Anticipating what is coming next for them.

20th Century Fox

#3. Wanting to be them.

People all over the world see photos of them and think they had a fairy tale marriage. So many people either wish they were him or her. Now they won't have any more photos of the couple to enable their fantasy land.

Wanting to be them.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith

#4. Reading about their vacations and nights on the town.

Everywhere these two show up is a headline. They could be going out for a drink or dinner or maybe taking a family vacation. Wherever it was there was always press around to write down every detail and share it with the public.

Reading about their vacations and nights on the town.

#5. The red carpet photos.

Red carpet events are great photo ops for both the paparazzi and the stars. Over the years, Brangelina has been in more than their fair share of red carpet pictures together. There won't be anymore coming now and the people who love them will miss that.

The red carpet photos.

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