By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Macaw Loves Showering More Than You Love Anything… But It Has To Be Perfect.

It was cold outside, so this bird's owner decided to let her have a bath in the kitchen sink instead of the outdoor faucet. What the bird does next will make you fall in love with her.

The fine-feathered dame is called Miss Iris, and she is a Hyacinth Macaw with particular tastes. Apparently, she always tests the water temperature before submerging her head underneath it, just like any reserved and refined woman of means. She even adjusts the faucet patiently until her temperature needs are met. She's a diva, and we love her for it.

If you want to see more of this charming creature, you can check out her Facebook page - it's full of great selfies of Miss Iris wearing all of her favorite accessories.

Source: Gail Worth