By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Bought A Rusty Old Van… His Next Move Is Basically The Best Thing Ever.

Two years ago Zack Both left his job as an art director to follow his dream of filmmaking. His passion for travelling across the United States to discover and tell stories of the fascinating people he meets, gives him a nomadic life. Both decided to take his van and turn it into his mobile production company.

The filmmaker purchased a 2003 Chevy Express from an electrician in Vermont. Both did not have any carpentry experience before taking the conversion project. Instead, he relied on the power of instructional videos.

It took him almost 10 months to complete everything from beginning to end. The work was done on and off as Both was working, he estimates it would have taken him about three months if that is all he didn't have any distractions.

Both found his future van on Craiglist, the 2003 model had 200k miles.

The van had never been vacuumed and already had a fair amount of rust on the surface.

After spray painting the interior in a white glossy finished, insulation templates were glued on.

Both used spray foam for the cracks and crevices. He found working on this project during the summer months helped as longer days and warm weather kept him more productive.

He did 70% of the work by himself with the remaining 30% with the help of his dad.

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