Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

16 Must-See Architectural Wonders Of The Modern World

Who needs the 7 Wonders of the World when you've got some of the coolest buildings right here in modern times? It seems as though with each passing year, we find cool new ways to outdo ourselves when it comes to architecture. Just look at these buildings that defy your average sterile bland looking average structures you see every day. Some of these look like something that came out of a sci-fi movie or something. The designs are simply mind-blowing and spectacular, and it's safe to say that when these architects got their hands on these buildings, something amazing happened.

In Wujin, China, the Lotus Building looks more like a blooming flower of delight.

Nestled in an artificial lake, this flower is home to Wujin's planning bureau, and provides an aesthetically pleasing sight both inside and out that's perfect for any season.

Move about inside a giant atom ball made of metal inside the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium.

You can actually move between the spheres using the tubes that on the inside look a bit like a submarine. But they're actually bridges that will connect you between a restaurant and a science museum.

Paul VI Audience Hall is a Roman building used by the Pope for Wednesday morning audiences.

It might not look like a place you'd expect the Pope to preach in, but there's more to this structure than meets the eye. For one thing, it has a solar roof with 2,400 photovoltaic panels that provides all of of the electrical needs for the building year-round.

The interior is far fancier and really blows the lid of the conventional design of a church.

Then again, you have to admit that this audience hall is extremely celestial and beautiful, and it's even kept the traditional tinted windows on the side, which looks splendid.

If you're fortunate enough to sit in for one of the Pope's sermons, you're in for a treat.

There's so much to look at, that your eyes might start wandering at the lovely architecture that surrounds you. Whoever said that heaven was a place on Earth failed to mention it's a place to congregate too.

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