By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Google Street View Lets You Explore The World’s Largest Train Set.

In recent years, Google has made its mission to take Street View to the ends of the earth, from exotic locales to busy metropolitan street corners to the sleepy suburbs. Recently, it's decided to take things up a notch -- or should we say, down a notch. Google has launched a set of Street View images for the world's largest model railway, the Miniatur Wonderland in Hamburg, Germany.

This isn't the kind of mini railway system you'd find in your living room, either. Miniatur Wunderland is 13,000 kilometers of track, a thousand trains, 335,000 lights, and 200,000 figurines. The whole thing takes up about 14,000 square feet, and now you can see it all on Google Street View.

Here's a still of the Google camera in action on the tracks.

In addition to the trains, hundreds of cars move about this miniature city as well.

Miniatur Wonderland is the most popular tourist attraction in Hamburg.

Taking a peek around, it's not hard to see why.

The miniature town features everything from German, Austrian, and Swiss landscapes, as well as some scenes from other countries.

There's even a working airport inside.

Google worked with a company called Ubilabs to build a small version of its Street View camera to capture the scenes.

The project took about two months and 600 hours of work to complete.

The tiny camera is meant to capture all angles of the miniature town.

For more on this project, check out the charming video below.

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