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By Huong Ngo

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25 Perfect Moments That Were Hilariously Ruined By An Inconsiderate Photobomb.

If you live a happy life filled with happy moments, chances are -- you've encountered a moment ruiner multiple times.

Do these people get a feeling of achievement from doing such things? Do they thrive off of precious moments being destroyed? Or are they just trying to fill a void in their miserable lives by making someone else's temporarily miserable? Who knows. But guess what, humans aren't the only a**holes. Animals can be just as cruel. In fact, some of them are better at ruining moments than humans.

Fortunately for us, all these disastrous moments have been generously captured on camera. So let's take a wonderful moment together to laugh at these not so wonderful Kodak moments.

#1. So did you get the proposal on camera, dad?

#2. "Sorry your selfie was irrelevant."

"Sorry your selfie was irrelevant."

#3. Nope, no hallmark moments for you.

#4. Not really sure who ruined who's photo here.

Not really sure who ruined who's photo here.

Zoe Silverwood

#5. Could you go rain on someone else's parade?

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