By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Started With Crazy Doodles, What He Ends Up With… I’d LOVE To Own.

What would you do if your parent asked for something very specific for Christmas -- but also something relatively boring? Well, when that happened to this enterprising builder, he decided to take her request up a notch. The DIY results of his efforts are totally awesome. Here's the story in his own words:

"When my mom came to me asking for a wine rack my answer was always going to be yes. Being a Journeyman cabinet maker I enjoy every chance I get to be creative and make out of the ordinary pieces of furniture. My only guideline was that it needed to hold at least 8 bottles. The rest was up to me."

He then dedicated months to finishing the project in time for Christmas.

"I worked on it after work when I could, maybe an hour at a time. I'd say I put about 30 hours into it. Material costs will vary but I spent about $150 (keep in mind I used a lot of offcuts from around the shop I work at so not all the materials were purchased from the store)."

Ready to see how he did it? Check out the photos -- and the finished product -- below.

This is a rough sketch of the wine rack the builder had in mind for his mom. Her first name is Stephanie, making the "S" an awesome custom touch to the whole project.

And building a wine rack is not as easy as it looks. You have to take into account the fact that each bottle is sized differently, and many are completely different widths and lengths.

After designing the S in AutoCad, which kept it uniform, it was cut out with a CNC router. At this point, the builder is getting a good idea of how to space the bottle holders.

Once he was satisfied with the spacing, he made sure to mark each place that a holder would go.

Next came attaching the S to a base, as it wouldn't stand on it's own.

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