The Students Were Captivated By His Story…Most People Learn This Lesson Too Late.

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People measure success in different ways: some count money made or the accumulation of stuff. Others measure it by adding up more non-tangible things like the love of people we care most about or the difference we make in the lives of others.

For one man, a former professional wrestler, success is measured by moments. Marc Mero's speech is simple but incredibly poignant as he recalls his relationship with his mother. She was one of the few people who truly believed in him when he was making bad decisions and spending his time with what he calls losers.

He learned his lesson the hard way as he was fired to face his demons following her death. Mero now takes his inspirational story on the road and shares it with young people. Based on their reactions, the message is being received.

The video below contains an excerpt of his profound and uplifting message.

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