By Sheyla

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Internet Helps Single Dad Recover A Lullaby From His Dead Wife.

As for strangers stepping up to help him, Jared says "people can be very kind in the face of tragedy."

Jared has a blog updating on all the milestones JJ reaches and what life is like without Sharry. He also plans to complete a bucket list she had where JJ can add his own wishes.

Sharry's bucket list include; prank call somebody, become a vegetarian, make a quilt, work for a non-profit, and save a life. The last one, Jared believes Sharry did for their son JJ.

"She really sincerely and intensely cared about things. She longed to make a difference in the world for the better," explains Jared. "She was passionate and emotional for good and for bad, and I miss her more than I could ever imagine."

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