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By Camila Villafañe

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Mother Of 2 Loses 110 Pounds To Save Her Sick Husband’s Life.

If your significant other was dealing with a medical condition, you'd move mountains in order to save them, wouldn't you? What if you were the only hope that they had to get better? But what if you couldn't help them, at least, not in your current condition? What do we mean by this? We're talking about your weight. It sounds awful, but it happened to Cynara Stalenhoef from Perth, Australia. When her husband, Matt suffered a health setback, Cynara was the one person who could help him by donating a kidney, but doctors told her that she couldn't, and the reason behind it left her devastated.

Cynara and Matt Stalenhoef are a happily married couple who ran into a major obstacle.

Matt had learned he had a rare genetic disorder that was affecting his kidneys. Doctors warned him that eventually, his illness would put his life in jeopardy. The only thing that could save him was a new kidney.

Cynara has two kids, but that didn't stop her from figuring out if she was a viable donor candidate.

She got herself tested and it turned out that she and Matt have the same blood type, which was great news. The only problem was that doctors told her she was overweight and unsuitable for organ donation.

Doctors explained to Cynara that the only way she could help her husband would be to lose weight.

At the time, she weighed 108 kilos, which is about 238 pounds. "I've got this doctor telling me that I can't save anyone in my family because I like cake too much," she said. But she knew she had to act fast to help Matt.

Cynara needed to drop down to 72 kilos (158 pounds), which she had been before she became a mom.

It was difficult for her to exercise because her weight caused all of her joints to hurt, and it kept slowing her down. In the end, she felt like all this pressure had been placed on her shoulders, but since exercise alone wasn't working, she had to come up with another option.

Cynara decided that she needed to take a more extreme approach to this whole weight loss business.

She thought about getting a gastric sleeve, which she had considered before learning of Matt's condition. Now she felt like she had to, so she went through with it, but she didn't tell her husband that this was all for him. Before long, she started seeing some results.

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