Scott Stevens

By Scott Stevens

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Japanese Artist Up-Cycles Amazon Boxes Into Impossibly Intricate Sculptures.

She got started at the Osaka University of the Arts.

Before she knew it, she was creating pretty much anything out of an empty box. Here you can see her wearing a fake pair of sneakers that she made!

It didn't take long for her to realize that she could make things like this. All of her creations have the utmost detail in them.

The software is very expensive so Ohno decided to look for other ways to do her art

She certainly found her calling. Cheers!

She decided to save the money.

She found a bunch of old Amazon boxes in her home and decided to try things out on them. It was cheaper than buying the software program, and probably more fun.

It started as just practice.

While saving for the software program and practicing on the boxes, she quickly realized that she didn't need the program, she could do it herself.

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