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By Scott Stevens

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Japanese Artist Up-Cycles Amazon Boxes Into Impossibly Intricate Sculptures.

Practice makes perfect.

The more she practiced, the better she got. Before she knew it she could turn out something like this great R2D2 rendering... out of a cardboard box!

Ohno is now an established cardboard artist.

I'm not really sure if there is such a thing or at least if there ever was such a thing before. Either way, Ohno is a bona-fide cardboard artist and if you doubt that, take a close look at this Star Wars fighting unit.

Here's the American dollar.

The empty boxes that she finds are now put to great use. If only this could be used in a store!

Ohno can make pretty much anything!

She can turn an ordinary, empty cardboard box into anything that her mind thinks of.

If she can think it, she can build it.

All she needs is a picture and she is good to go. Planes, rifles, tanks, robots and pipes are just a few things that she can do.

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