Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Japan Has Turned Cats Into Highly-Trained Spies… Or Are They Ninjas?

Everyone's read Puss in Boots! Well now meet Puss in the Ceiling! A company in Japan has gotten the most beautiful interoffice monitoring system. No. It's not a piece of technology. It's a cat! Now usually, employees hate the fact that they're being monitored by their bosses and HR, but they won't have any issues being watched by this kitty. If anything it might have a profound psychological effect on the employees here for the better. Besides, it's not like it can record a video or tell anyone of any transgressions, even if it wanted to.

"Peek-A-Boo," said the most adorable cat ever!

Work can be so dreary. So imagine how refreshing it must have been for Twitter user @omochanouma's buddy when he looked up and saw this little fur ball staring down at him.

It's so inconspicuous that at first, everyone mistook it for a new security camera.

But cameras don't meow or move, though both do have something in common, like facial recognition functions. If cameras were able to purr though, we'd take a dozen home, and sit by the couch with them and watch Orange is the New Black with them on our lap!

How kitty managed to get up there remains a mystery.

But it doesn't really matter. Does it? And it's safe to say that the feline spy pearing through the roof is bound to boost morale in the work place and maybe even productivity, assuming everyone can stop looking at it long enough to get stuff done. We wouldn't!

Next, sleepy cats who can sleep anywhere.

Source: RocketNews