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A Lost iPod Was Found By A Monk. Little Did He Know It Was Uploading Photos...

Scott Herder is travelling through Southeast Asia on a eight-month backpacking trip. A couple of months ago, he lost his iPod on one of his many stops in Laos. He didn’t think much of the lost device until he began to see photos he had not taken on his iPhone. It turned out that anytime he was connected to the internet more and more photographs were popping up.

His iPod was still synced to his iCloud account so he was seeing life through the eyes of a young monk who loves to snap pics of his daily life. Or as Herder likes to refer him as “the monk that lives in my phone.”

Herder loves to see what his monk has been up when his photos begin to upload. He feels a connection with the man who he hopes to one day meet.

Scott Herder is an American trekking through Southeast Asia.

He lost his iPod in Laos. He didn't think much about the device.

This photo appeared on his iPhone. Herder did not remember taking it.

But then monks and daily life in Laos kept popping up every time he connected to the internet.

This is a monk in a locker room.

They seem to love the camera.

The American teacher realized that the monk in his phone never disconnected off the iCloud.

Herder feels that the monk, "wants us to remember Laos through his eyes for the rest of our lives by sending us pictures like the one below."

He began to notice similarities, like the monk loves to travel. Here he is in Thailand.

He meets tourists on his own travels.

And the monk loves to take photos with all of his new friends.

Here he is with another foreigner.

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