This Monkey Adopted A Puppy, And Taught Him Some Essential Survival Skills.

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There are many bizarre sightings in urban centers, but this one goes unprecedented. In the city of Erode, India, a Rhesus Macaque was spotted roaming around with a small puppy. It is uncertain how the situation came about but what was clear was the monkey's compassionate decision to care for the animal.

According to reports, locals set out food for the pair as it seemed they shared a mutual bond. The monkey hasn't just shared the offering, but allowed the dog to eat first! If that wasn't enough, the monkey also protects the growing puppy from danger, stray dogs for example, just as a true parent would.

The Dodo has followed the case, and it appears that forest department officials may have taken the puppy into custody, perhaps due to the animal's different dietary and lifestyle needs, but this is yet to be confirmed. Even still, this unlikely, inter-species relationship is a true example of loving through difference.

In the agricultural and textile city of Erode, Tamil Nadu, locals spotted a monkey caring for a stray puppy.

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It is unclear how the pair came to be, but they were said to have exhibited a strong, mutual bond.

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The pair have gained quite a bit of attention, and some onlookers have even provided them with food.

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In a selfless move, the monkey allows the puppy eat first.

The Logical Indian

As shown here, the Rhesus Monkey has also taken up the role as protector. Local reports say that the puppy has been taken in custody, but that is yet to be confirmed.

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