By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Is The Best DIY Table Project I Have Ever Seen… And He Makes It Look So Simple.

If I were judged by the way I play the game Monopoly, I would not have any friends or family members left. The game brings a highly competitive and ambitious individual out of me, which frankly surprises everyone, including myself.

A much friendlier Monopoly fan, Reddit user ToastnEggs, paid tribute to the game by taking his standard kitchen table and turning in to a Monopoly board. The man spent 40 hours sketching, drawing, and carving. He even gave the Free Parking space a new designed, modern car.

Monopoly is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. The board game was created with the intention to educate the negative aspects of private monopolies of land ownership. Today, Monopoly is played in 43 languages and 111 countries worldwide.

The new table designer has renamed his home "the international house of games."

The original table.

My fancy tools.

Sketch and measurements. I cannot measure for the life of me. It took a lot of trial and error on the actual table to get it right.

Pencil outline complete.

Wood burned outline complete.

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