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How To Win At Monopoly Every Time, And Lose A Few Friends In The Process.

Now it comes time for the step Elfer mentioned in the first bit. It's EARLY GAME: Establishing the first Monopoly

"Your goal in this portion of the game is to gain a monopoly and begin improving those properties. The earlier you can do this, the better, and a three-property group is far superior to a two-property group if you need to choose."

Step 1: Acquire properties.

"Begin more or less as you normally do, rolling and buying up whatever you land on. Once you start running out of money (say, $500 left), start working on the next step.

EDIT: Since a lot of people have brought this up (and it also seems to be something most people don't know), if someone lands on a property and doesn't buy it, either due to shortage of funds or not wanting to pay the list price, it is auctioned by the bank to the highest bidder. Landing on a property only gives the player first right of refusal to buy, not the right to prevent others from buying. This can sometimes be a good way to snag a cheap property, or pay extra to complete your set."

Step 2: Trade to acquire a monopoly on a group.

"It's extremely important that you do this as quickly as possible. If it means paying a stupidly high price, or even giving another player a monopoly at the same time, do it. You can force the other player out later."

Step 3: Improve your properties with three houses each.

"At this point, there should be a decent jump in your cash-flow from rent. Spend the bulk of it on buying houses for your properties. Three houses on each is a good target, as there's a significant rent hike at the third house."

During the middle of the game, try establishing a second monopoly and creating a housing shortage.

"The goal in this stage is to gain a second monopoly, and buy enough houses to create a housing shortage, effectively locking down the game for the other players."

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