By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Bizarre Art Project Creates HUGE Murals That Are Only Visible In The Rain.

Seoul, South Korea is a large, bustling, and colourful metropolis. Although, when monsoon season arrives, the city quickly turns grey, wet, and just depressing. There is not much that can be done to control the weather, so a group of designers, art directors, and a paint company named Pantone decided to think outside the box.

The team applied hydrochromic paint, a formula that changes from clear to full-color when wet, to the streets of Seoul. The street murals are part of Project Monsoon, a plan to cheer people up from the cold and wet weather. The vibrant paintings also include a cultural element as South Koreans give great “importance of the flow of the river.”

The hydrochromic formula will go from clear to colorful when it rains.

Geo-locations will help people find where the street murals are.

Here's a DIY project that's only visible when it rains.

Source: Designtaxi