By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

The Crumbling Remains Of This Ghost Casino Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

Romania's incredible Casino Canstanta was once considered the country's very own Monte Carlo, a destination gambling spot for Europe's rich, royal, and elite. First built around 1900, the art deco building was incredibly expensive to maintain, and the casino ended up closing its doors decades ago.

Despite the fact that its been abandoned, this location is one of the coolest we've ever seen. Sitting in ruins high on the cliffs overlooking the Black Sea, this impressive structure is a window into the past -- one filled with so much splendor and opulence that we can't help but imagine what being there in its heyday must have been like. See the incredible photos below.

Ownership of the property passed hands many times over the years.

Unfortunately, maintaining this majestic building was too expensive for most owners.

It finally closed its doors for good in 1990.

The spot was rediscovered by a French photographer named Romain Veillon, who was inspired by the location's forgotten beauty.

The casino is a celebration of Baroque styling and detailing.

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