By Haris

LifeBuzz Staff

You’ll Love The Way This Socially Awkward Moose Says 'Thanks' To The Men Who Rescued Him.

One cold February morning in northern British Columbia, Canada, a homeowner was met with an unexpected surprise. There was a yearling moose stuck in his backyard fence. Apparently, the moose tried to leap over the fence, but wasn't able to clear the jump when his front hooves got stuck in the spaces of the wooden fence.

Watch as these two men save the stuck moose by cutting out part of the fence. The adorable moose couldn't be more thankful. It looked like he wanted to offer gratitude to his rescuers, but just didn't know how express his appreciation.

The yearling moose seemed to say, "Thanks guys. I'm glad my mom wasn't around. She'd wouldn't have found this a-moosing."

Source: ShadoHHR