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30 Mind-Expanding Facts That Will Increase Your Brain Power.

We may not like to admit it, but deep down we love a good, weird story. Whether it’s something that happened in the past or recently, there is something about learning of strange things people do that makes us all stop and listen intently. Keeping in mind, nature and animals are just as peculiar as human beings.

These are interesting and bizarre facts about people and things. Just think, the weirder the information is the more content you have at your disposal for the next time you need to start a conversation over dinner. I never knew about #23 but now glad this badass existed back then.

#1. For people to enjoy one hot cup of coffee, it takes approximately 37 gallons of water to grow and produce the coffee beans.

#2. Bitcoin, the new digital currency's first transaction was used to buy pizza with 10,000 Bitcoins. That value later increased to an impressive $12 million.

#3. The word "music" comes from the Greek word "art of the Muses." In Greek mythology there were nine goddesses who were the muses for science, literature, and art.

#4. If the New York Times recycled their Sunday run, that would equal to saving about 75,000 trees.

#5. Forget the 30 day rule! According to scientists, it actually takes about 66 days to make a habit stick.

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