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By Huong Ngo

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The 25 Funniest Notes You’ll Ever Read, #13 Gets Straight To The Point.

Remember the good old days when text messaging didn't exist? People had to pass around actual notes to communicate with each other. The best notes today are still the physical ones that you can see right in front of you. Of course, an unexpected note doesn't always guarantee a sweet outcome.

That's what's so great about being surprised with a note -- not knowing what message it will contain. It can be an angry note, a sweet one, or just a plain funny one. Notes left by strangers are full of all kinds of emotions.

People leave others notes for a various of reasons. Check out some of the most random notes people have received below, we've got a mix of everything.

#1. Well that's nice of the neighbors for letting them know.

At least they picked a nice font and paper for the embarrassing notice.

#2. What makes a great pickup line?

One that has a science related punch line.

#3. Some students were caught passing this note back and forth.

That's what the teacher gets for taking it from them.

#4. The type of note that makes you re-evaluate life.

I don't know, aren't we all?

The type of note that makes you re-evaluate life.

#5. This guy likes to leave love notes for his wife when he goes away.

I wonder if he is really watching.

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