Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

21 Mother's Day Fails That Are Comedy Gold.

Mothers already know that they did something good when they had you, so there's no need to remind them.

Some would say this daughter is kind of full of herself. She congratulated her mother for creating her. Hasn’t this adorable and uber confident girl ever hear of flowers or a box of chocolates?

Sometimes it’s the department stores that fail mothers everywhere and not the husbands or the kids.

Who on Earth would put a display on a shelf that says “for MOM... with love” in order to sell birth control items? For one thing, it’s a little late. Also, it’s more like the anti-Mother's Day gift no mom has ever asked for.

So, this may not exactly be the breakfast in bed you were expecting on Mother’s Day.

In this kid’s defense, tacos and apple sauce sound like a pretty awesome breakfast. But if this happens to you on Mother’s Day, just smile politely and suggest that you all head on over to IHOP for breakfast.

We’re sure this kid didn’t know any better when he picked this photo for his Mother’s Day card.

He’s wearing a “My Dad Is My Hero” shirt in the photo. So, he’s practically dissing his poor old mom. But we hope the mom laughed the irony away, at least!

This kid must have heard and possibly seen how much his mom loves drinking red wine.

But writing what mom likes on a Mother’s Day card makes her come off like she needs to go to rehab. It would have been nicer to ask dad to spring for a bottle of red wine to put in the fridge as a surprise.

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