By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Mother Goose ‘Hails’ A Police Officer For A VERY Urgent Reason.

Every once in awhile, an animal will do something so smart, we have to remind ourselves that some of them are a lot more intelligent than they look -- particularly when it comes to self-preservation.

Officer James Givens of the Cincinnati Police Department was sitting in his patrol car in a parking lot when a large goose came up to the car. Curious, Givens threw some food to her -- but food wasn't what she was interested in. She kept pecking and quacking at him, until finally, he got out of the car and began to follow her.

"She led me about 100 yards away to this grassy area near a creek. That's when I saw one of her babies all tangled up in some string from a balloon. His little feet were kicking," said Givens. "She led me straight to him."

It's crazy to think that this goose had the presence of mind to alert the police to her gosling's condition -- luckily, it was all captured on film so you can see it for yourself.

Source: James Givens