5 Year-Old Took Photo Of Mom In Her Most Vulnerable State, And It’s Gone Viral.

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There is nothing scarier than when a child gets sick. It doesn’t really matter how tired a mom is; there is no peace or rest until our babies are back to their healthy selves. Many parenting books explain how to lower a fever quickly, deal with a bump or scratch. However, nothing prepares moms on the heartbreak and desperation of having an ill kid.

Kelli Bannister recently took to Facebook to post a photo of herself and her daughter Summer in the midst of a flu. Her two eldest boys had been sick for the last two weeks and this time it was her 20-month-old who was under the weather. While The Barefoot Mum blogger and photographer was cradling Summer, her five-year-old snapped a photo of the precious moment. Read her beautiful note below.

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