By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy’s Lip Syncing Is Impeccable, But His Chill Mom Just Wants To Drive.

Riding in the car with mom can be slightly boring -- you're in the passenger seat, wishing you could turn the music up louder while you accompany her to mom-approved places like Target and the supermarket.

But for this mother/son team, car rides simply couldn't be more lit. Well, mom doesn't have much to do with it: Maternal instincts dictate that this badass mom simply keep her dark shades on, her hands on the wheel, and pay attention to the road. Meanwhile, her son turns the car into the hottest club in town, combining serious lip-syncing skills with an entertaining performance.

You can check out more of his antics on his Snapchat, but before you do, see this amazing compilation video of a car ride with Mortoki below -- in some ways, his mom staying super chill kind of makes her an epic hypeman, don't you think?

Source: Moretoki