By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Bet You Didn’t Know ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Had So Many Hidden Special Effects.

In the past, special effects were used to create fantastic environments, such as making a person fly or sending them to outer space. Today, special effects are used in everyday environments, an endless tinkering of the details in perfectly typical, every day scenes.

This video that shows the visual effects used in Wolf of Wall Street definitely drive that point home. Now, some of the effects are entirely conjured up using computers - the lion, or the couples walking on the pier in Venice. However, what is most striking is the manipulation of the more normal scenes: Making an already glamorous wedding even more glamorous, or making a nice house even nicer. IT just goes to show how far movies are from reality. But then again, that's the point, right?

Either way, this short video is pretty impressive. I loved the visuals in the park scene!

Source: Brainstorm Digital